The Alexandria College Business Office provides services to students, employees, and vendors, and manages all payments for tuition and other items.


  • August 1-28: 秋季学期书本收费
  • August 21: 秋季学期开始
  • August 25: Course add deadline/drop deadline for 100% tuition refund
  • August 25: 因未付款而取消秋季注册
  • August 30: 秋季助学金适用于学生账户
  • August 31: 超额的财政援助资金
  • September 1: 全额退费75%的日期
  • September 11: 全额退费日期为50%
  • September 18: 全额退费日期为25%
  • September 25: Fall bills are due in full or $50 late fee will be applied to student account
  • December 18: 秋季学期结束
  • 12月1日至1月16日: 春季学期书本收费
  • January 8: 春季学期开始
  • January 12: 课程添加截止日期/退课截止日期100%退款
  • January 12: 因未付款而取消春季注册
  • January 18: 春季助学金申请学生账户
  • January 19: 超额的财政援助资金
  • January 22: Spring 75% tuition refund date for total withdrawal
  • January 29: Spring 50% tuition refund date for total withdrawal
  • February 5: Spring 25% tuition refund date for total withdrawal
  • February 12: Spring bills are due in full or $50 late fee will be applied to student account
  • May 8: 春季学期结束
  • May 8: Graduation
  • April 1-May 20: 夏季学期书本收费
  • April 22: 夏季报名因未缴费而取消
  • May 13: 夏季学期开始
  • May 17: 课程添加截止日期/退课截止日期100%退款
  • May 22: 暑期助学金申请到学生账户
  • May 23: 超额的财政援助资金
  • May 24: Summer 50% tuition refund date for total withdrawal
  • July 9: Summer bills are due in full or $50 late fee will be applied to student account
  • August 16: 夏季学期结束

免费申请联邦学生援助(FAFSA) 每年10月1日开放. Completing the FAFSA is the first step in the Financial Aid process. Submit your FAFSA as soon as possible to avoid delays in your financial aid disbursement. studentaid.gov »

Drop/Add Period is until the fifth day of the semester at 11:59 pm. You can drop/add courses and make schedule changes as needed through eServices 在可用空间的基础上. 你的学费表也会相应调整.

  • If a class begins after the first five days of the semester, you must drop it by the second calendar day after class begins to receive a full refund.
  • Dropping or adding courses may affect your financial aid.


欧博国际官网 (ATCC) does not mail statements for tuition and fees. Students are responsible for accessing and monitoring their statements by logging into eServices 并做以下工作:

  1. 从左侧菜单中选择“账单和付款”
  2. 选择完整帐户详情
  3. 打印出你的个人陈述

当你的日程安排发生变化时, 是否删除或添加类, 这些变化反映在你的声明中. You should check your statement before you make a final payment. Prior term charges and payments are also reflected on your statement.

If you are also enrolled at another Minnesota State college, you are responsible for paying tuition and fees to that institution. Your ATCC account may or may not reflect what you owe to another Minnesota State college.

Notification will be sent with supporting documentation on these occasions:

  • 申请援助后
  • 滞纳金警告通知
  • 何时收取滞纳金
  • 托收通知书

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Tuition Payments

学费语句 没有在学期开始前寄出吗. Only students with remaining balances after financial aid is applied are mailed statements. 查看您的帐户或24/7在线付款 eServices. Note: PSEO students' tuition will be adjusted after day 14 of the semester.


付款期限: To keep your registration from being cancelled you must complete one of the following by the payment deadline for each semester:

  • Pay in full
  • Submit a down payment of 15% or $300, whichever is less
  • Enroll in Nelnet付款计划
  • Complete the 免费申请联邦学生资助 (FAFSA) - your FAFSA must be completed and submitted at least one week prior to the registration cancellation deadline to allow for processing
  • Provide a 第三方支付授权 to the Business Office (employer, CEP, Veterans, etc.). Note: Students can provide access to someone who is paying their tuition and fees without allowing access to other personal data: 给某人支付我的账单的权限

Make a Payment

Online: 查看您的帐户或24/7在线付款 eServices.

Mail: When paying by mail, please include a printed copy of your statement. 请将帐单及付款寄至:

Attn: Cashier

Phone: To pay by phone, please call (888) 234-1222 x4530 or (320) 762-4530. Alexandria College accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

In Person: Payments are accepted at the Business Office walk-up window (room 106) Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

IMPORTANT: Students who have their registration cancelled due to non-payment may not be able to get in if classes become full. 如果你没有参加 payment plan, 学费必须在9月25日前全额支付, 2023年秋季学期, February 12, 春季学期2024年, and August 17, 夏季学期2024年. A $50 late fee may be applied after the deadline dates for any unpaid balance.

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Tax Information

W9 and 1098-T tax forms are mailed to students from the state, usually by the end of January. On demand 1098-T forms are available during normal business office hours beginning in February. 也可以访问1098-T文档 in eServices 在帐单和付款科下.

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Consortium Costs

If you are taking a course from a college other then ATCC, the cost of that course may differ from ATCC course costs. Please check the cost with whichever college or university offers it. You may get a bill from the other college even if the course is listed on your ATCC bill.

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External scholarship checks and/or documents can be mailed or brought to the Business office at Alexandria College. Checks will be applied to the student's account and any excess funds will be disbursed on Day 7 of the semester. See the Important Dates 节以了解详情.

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  • Parking Permits
  • Tuition: 指示费用/每学分.
  • 学生健康服务费: All students registered for credits will be assessed a health service fee. (There are NO exceptions) This fee provides benefits for accidental bodily injury incurred by the student while attending classes 还有在上下学的时候.
  • 明尼苏达州立大学学生协会费用: This is a statewide student association fee collected at every state college and university.
  • 学生会/活动费: The Student Senate uses these funds to sponsor special student events.
  • Athletics Fee: 支持学院的体育项目. This includes student admission to regular sporting events.
  • Technology Fee: This fee is used to fund a group of services such as: Internet access, help desk, 电子邮箱, 本地电子公告板, hall monitors, docking stations, etc.
  • Course Fees: A course fee may be charged and assigned to those courses in which items or materials become the property of the student.
  • Laptop: See IT Page

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Phone: 888-234-1222 ext. 4530 or 320-762-4530 Monday through Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

In Person: Room 106 (main building) Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Email: Business Officebusinessoffice@sekee.net

Mail: When paying by mail, please include a printed copy of your statement. 将结算单及付款寄至:

Attn: Cashier